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[[January 2019

Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title
16 Jan 2019 13:00-17:00 Faberzaal (zaal: 3217.0220), Adl 1
For Pharmacy students. Lectures in Dutch
12:15-13:00: Lunch in de P.S.-bestuurskamer
13:00-13:05: Opening symposium – R. (Ruud) Stapel
13:05-13:15: Introductie door dagvoorzitter – prof. dr. H.J. (Hidde) Haisma
13:15-14:05: Target particulate nanomedicines in oncology: current status and way forward – prof. dr. G. (Gert) Storm
14:05-14:55: Cryo-EM in drug discovery: achievements, limitations and prospects –  prof. dr. J.P.J. (Peter) Peters
14:55-15:10: Pauze met koffie en thee
15:10-16:00: Cancer and Nanomedicines: on the challenges to deliver biological drugs in tumor cells – prof. dr. C. (Stefaan) de Smedt 
16:00-16:50: Lipid nanoparticles enabling personalized vaccines for cancer immunotherapy – dr. R. (Roy) van der Meel 
16:50-17:00: Afsluiting
Thema: “Kanker in het klein: alles over nanomedicatie en -technologie”
Alle presentaties worden in het Nederlands gegeven.
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Kanker in het klein: alles over nanomedicatie en -technologie

(All lectures in Dutch)
22 Jan 2019 11:00 bldg 3211, rm 42B Prof.dr. John van Swieten

Alzheimer Centrum Erasmus MC
Host: Bart Eggen
Neuro-inflammation in frontotemporal dementia


[[February 2019

Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title
14 Feb 2019 11:00 ERIBA seminar room Prof.dr. Peter Heutink

Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research in Tübingen & visiting researcher at RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies, Yokohama, Japan
Host: Erik Boddeke
Functional genomics approaches to dissect neurodegenerative diseases


[[October 2019

Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title
10-12 Oct 2019 TBA Blauwe Zaal Amanda Fischer ( Imperial College of London)
Hiromitsu Nakauchi (Stanford University)
Jan Vijg Albert  (Einstein College of Medicine)
Jan van Deursen (Mayo Clinic)
Titia de Lange (The Rockefeller University)
Toren Finkel (University of Pittsburgh)
Yves Barral (Institute of Biochemistry, ETH Zurich)
3rd Molecular Biology of Ageing Meeting


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