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Barazzuol group

Barazzuol group

Radiotherapy is an essential and highly effective part of the treatment of many cancers, including paediatric and adult brain tumours. Irradiation of normal brain tissue is, however, unavoidable and can result in major impairment of neurocognitive functioning and reduced quality of life.

Lara Barazzuol’s group focuses on assessing the effect of radiation on the brain and aims to achieve an improved biological and molecular understanding of radiotherapy-induced neurocognitive dysfunction.

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      1. Lara Barazzuol, Limei Ju, Penny A. Jeggo A coordinated DNA damage response promotes adult quiescent neural stem cell activation PLOS Biology 2017 May 10; Pdf
      2. Barazzuol L, Ju L, Jeggo PA. In vivo sensitivity of the embryonic and adult neural stem cell compartments to low-dose radiation. Journal of Radiation Research 2016 1:i2-i10.. Pdf
      3. Barazzuol L, Rickett N, Ju L, Jeggo PA. Low levels of endogenous or X-ray-induced DNA double-strand breaks activate apoptosis in adult neural stem cells Journal of Cell Science 2015 128(19):3597-606. Pdf
      4. Saha S, Woodbine L, Haines J, Coster M, Ricket N, Barazzuol L, Ainsbury E, Sienkiewicz Z, Jeggo P. Increased apoptosis and DNA double-strand breaks in the embryonic mouse brain in response to very low-dose X-rays but not 50 Hz magnetic fields Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2014 11(100):20140783. Pdf
      5. Barazzuol L, Jeynes JC, Merchant MJ, Wéra AC, Barry M, Kirkby KJ, Suzuki M. Radiosensitisation of glioblastoma cells using a histone deacetylase inhibitor (SAHA) comparing carbon ions with X-rays. International Journal of Radiation Biology 2015 91(1):90-8. Pdf
      6. Wéra AC, Barazzuol L, Jeynes JC, Merchant MJ, Suzuki M, Kirkby KJ. Influence of the nucleus area distribution on the survival fraction after charged particles broad beam irradiation. Physics in Medicine & Biology 2014 59 4197. Pdf
      7. Barazzuol L, Jena R, Burnet NG, Jeynes JCG, Kirkby KJ, Kirkby NF. Evaluation of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor ABT-888 combined with radiotherapy and temozolomide in glioblastoma Radiation Oncology 2013 8:65. Pdf
      8. Jeynes JCG, Merchant MJ, Barazzuol L, Barry M, Palitsin V, Grime GW, Webb RP, Kirkby KJ. Broadbeam irradiation of mammalian cells using a vertical microbeam facility. Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 2013 52(4):513-521. Pdf
      9. Barazzuol L, Jena R, Burnet NG, Jeynes JCG, Merchant MJ, Kirkby KJ, Kirkby NF. In vitro evaluation of combined temozolomide and radiotherapy using X-rays and high linear energy transfer radiation for glioblastoma. Radidation Research 2012 177:651-662. Pdf
      10. Barazzuol L, Burnet NG, Jena R, Jones B, Jefferies SJ, Kirkby NF. A mathematical model of brain tumour response to radiotherapy and chemotherapy considering radiobiological aspects Journal of Theoretical Biology 2010 262(3):553-65. Pdf
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