Publications Wia Baron

14 July 2016
  • Selected Publications: 
  1. Baron W, Ozgen H, Klunder B, de Jonge JC, Nomden A, Plat A, Trifilieff E, de Vries H, Hoekstra D. (2015), The major myelin-resident protein PLP is transported to myelin membranes via a transcytotic mechanism: involvement of sulfatide. Mol Cell Biol. 35, 288-302. (pdf)
  2. Stoffels JM, de Jonge JC, Stancic M, Nomden A, van Strien ME, Ma D, Siskova Z, Maier O, ffrench-Constant C, Franklin RJ, Hoekstra D, Zhao C, Baron W. (2013), Fibronectin aggregation in multiple sclerosis lesions impairs remyelination. Brain 136, 116-131. (pdf)
  3. Stancic M, Slijepceviv D, Nomden A, Vos MJ, de Jonge JC, Sikkema AH, Gabius HJ, Hoekstra D, Baron W. (2012), Galectin-4, a novel neuronal regulator of myelination. Glia 60, 919-935. (pdf)
  4. Stancic M, van Horssen J, Thijssen VL, Gabius HJ, van der Valk P, Hoekstra D, Baron W (2011), Increased expression of different galectins in multiple sclerosis lesions. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol 37, 654-671.  (pdf )
  5. Maier O, Baron W, Hoekstra D. (2007), Reduced raft-association of NF155 in active MS-lesions is accompanied by the disruption of the paranodal junction. Glia 55, 885-895.  (pdf)
  6. Maier O, de Jonge JC, Nomden A, Hoekstra D, Baron W. (2009), Lovastatin induces the formation of abnormal myelin-like membrane sheets in primary oligodendrocytes. Glia 57, 402-413.  (pdf)
  7. Siskova Z, Baron W, de Vries H, Hoekstra D. (2006), Fibronectin impedes ‘myelin’ sheet-directed flow in oligodendrocytes: a role for a beta 1 integrin-mediated PKC signaling pathway in vesicular trafficking. Mol Cell Neurosci, 150-159. (pdf)
  8. Baron W, Decker L, Colognato H, ffrench-Constant C. (2003), Regulation of integrin growth factor interactions in oligodendrocytes by lipid raft microdomains. Curr Biol 13, 151-155. (pdf)
  9. Colognato H, Baron W, Avellan-Adaiod V, Relvas JB, Baron-van Evercooren A, Georges-Labouesse E., ffrench-Consant C. (2002), CNS integrin switch growth factor signaling to promote target-dependent survival. Nat Cell Biol. 4, 833-841. (pdf)
  10. Baron W, Shattil SJ, ffrench-Constant C (2002), The oligodendrocyte precursor mitogen PDGF stimulates proliferation by activation of αvβ3 integrins. EMBO J 21, 833-841. (pdf)


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