Equipment UMIC



  • LEICA TCS SP2 aobs high resolution confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)
  • SOLAMERE spinningdisk laser scan microscope (specifications)
  • TissueGnostics TissueFAXS automated analysis system (specifications)
  • Zeiss LSM 780 two photon/single photon confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)
  • Zeiss LSM 7MP upright two photon only confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)
  • Leica TCS SP8 high resolution confocal laser scan microscope (specifications)
  • Deltavision Elite integrated fast and high-resolution fluorescence microscope . (specifications)
    (All above mentioned microscopes are installed in ML1  approved rooms.)
  • Olympus BX 50 histology microscope. With high resolution digital color camera. 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x(oil) objectives. Ph1, Ph2, DIC, polarisation. Upright, discussion optics.
  • Leica DM4000B routine Fluorescence microscope (Upright) with digital Leica DFC3000 G camera.  2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x( 1.0 Fluotar, oil), 40X Waterdipping, 63X(1.4 Plan APO, oil)objectives. Leica Filters: DAPI ET, TXR ET, Y5 ET, Y3 ET, L5 ET. LAS 4.3 with auto overlay. This microscope is refurbished in September 2013.


[[Image Processing:


  • Umic has 4 workstations available for data analysis. They can be used free of charge by registered users.
  • Quad core 64 bits Windows XP: (room1): Installed software:   ImageJ /FIJI.  Huygens Proffesional (deconvolution). Photoshop CS5. Imaris (3D viewing only). MatLab. Scanscope
  • Xeon 12 core 64 bits W7:(room 1): Installed software: ImageJ /FIJI. MS Office. ZEN Black / ZEN Blue. Photoshop CS5. Imaris (3D rendering basic). Scanscope
  • i7 6 Core 64bits W7   (room 2): Installed software: ImageJ/FIJI. Imaris (7.6) tracking, filament tracer, XT (3d rendering and analysis). Photo Shop CS5. MS Office. MatLab. Scanscope
  • Quad core 32 bits W7 (room3): Installed software: Tissue Quest 3. TissueQuest 4. Histo Quest. ImageJ /FIJI. Open Office. Photo shop. Ms Office
  • Dual core 32bits XP (room6): Installed software:ImageJ, Photoshop CS4, MS Office. Attached to the Zeiss Stemi Correlative station


The use of the workstations the Leica DM4000 and the Olympus BX50 is free of charge.

[[About software:


  • ImageJ (NIH, freeware, several versions) scientific image processing. Many plugins and macro’s.
  • Huygens deconvolution (SVI), for removing out of focus blurring, noise in confocal and Nipkow disk images (only on computer no1). Also colocalisation analysis.
  • Imaris 7.0 (Bitplane) 3D reconstruction. With this program you can easily load, visualize and analyze data from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size from almost all microscope image formats. 3D reconstructions, particle tracking, filament tracer and more. (only on computer no2, the lite version on no1)
  • Photoshop (Adobe). Photo editor
  • ZEN Zeiss output evaluation
  • LCS lite (Leica)  For easy evaluation of Leica images.
  • HistoQuest (Tissuegnostics)  to identify and analyze individual cells in their native tissue environment. For histological data acquired with the TissueFaxs microscope or a Hammamatsu system.
  • TissueQuest (Tissuegnostics)  As HistoQuest, for fluorescent labelled samples.


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