UMIC – Light Microscopy

UMIC provides the microscopy infrastructure  to support state of the art research in medical and biological sciences. It offers training and access to advanced microscopes and image processing  to researchers of the UMCG, RUG and  external users.



Light microscopes:

  • Leica SP2 AOBS Confocal Laser Scan microscope
  • Solamere spinning disk confocal Laser Scan Microscope
  • Olympus BX50 research light (no fluorescence) microscope
  • Tissuegnostics TissueFaxs high troughput fluorescence microscope
  • Leica DM 4000B fluorescence microscope
  • Zeiss LSM 780 NLO two photon Confocal Laser Scan Microscope
  • Zeiss LSM 7MP two photon Confocal Laser Scan Microscope
  • Leica SP8 Easy to use Confocal LAser scan Microsope
  • DeltaVision Elite high-resolution imaging system
  • Image processing several workstations and dedicated software


Electron microscopes:

  • FEI CM100 Transmission EM (TEM) (100kV)
  • JEOL 6301F Scanning EM (SEM)
  • Zeiss Supra 55 STEM with ATLAS for large-scale imaging and SECOM
    for correlative light and electron microscopy


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We participate in the NL-Bioimaging AM initiative.


Location UMIC:
A. Deusinglaan 1, building 3215, 6th floor, Groningen
Klaas Sjollema: tel.+31 (0)50- 3616169/  e-mail:
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