Some example photographs made in our microscopy center.


  1. Confocal slice of a pollen grain (image: Klaas Sjollema),Leica SP2
  2. Pollen grain ,3D Model reconstructed from 143 slices ,Leica SP2, ImageJ
  3. Purkinje cell (image: Sonja Janmaat, Anita Wiersema) , Leica SP2
  4. Magnification of fig 3.
  5. Injected stemcells (red) in mouse tissue (image: Michel Meijer), Leica SP2
  6. Purkinje cells (green) and contacts with climbing fibers (red). (image Natascha Gounko, Klaas Sjollema), Leica SP2, Huygens deconvolution
  7. Astrocytes in Neural tissue (Image Hilmar van Weering) ,Leica SP2
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