[[ July 2016 – Solamere out of order:

The frame grabber of the Solamere is defect, this means that no images can be generated. We are working on a solution, but this can take a while.



[[March 1, 2016: new booking system

As you probably know Quartzy will end the equipment sign-up function by March 2016. These means that we have to switch to another booking system. From Tuesday March 1, 2016 you have to book equipment on line inBookedscheduler. Quartzy cannot be used from this date on.

To use this new booking system you have to create an account simply by clicking the “create an account” link in the front page of Booked ( ). Or go directly to (

You have to fill in a little form. Please create a user name consisting of your first name followed by your last name, just like you used in Quartzy. Do not use a fancy fantasy name. The rest of the form is easy, your e-mail, first- and last name are obligatory.

When this form is submitted you are redirected immediately to the agenda but not all resources will be available for you. The administrator will give you entrance for the recourses you are authorized as soon as possible.

Just like Quartzy, your timeslots will be used for fee calculations, so change slots according the time you actually used the equipment.

Any questions? Ask Klaas.


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