The research mission of the Department is to study basic processes in cell biology to generate novel, fundamental insights related to cellular and organismal fitness. Through high quality research, we aim to identify and, where possible, exploit science-based targets to promote healthy aging or treat human disease.

Cell biology studies how cells maintain their function and what leads to their dysfunction. Fundamental insight into cell biological processes is key to understand how genetics or environment affect human health or lead to disease. Within the Department of Cell Biology at the UMCG, several aspects of cell biology, including protein homeostasis, protein complex remodeling, and organelle maintenance and sorting are studied. Model systems include yeast, mammalian cell and (patient-derived) iPS cell models, somatic stem cells, organoids and organotypic slice models, and Drosophila and mouse models. Diseases studied encompass neurodegenerative diseases, (cardio)myopathies, gastroenterological diseases, dermatological diseases, and oncology (including a formal link with the Department of Radiological Oncology).


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