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The Sibon’s group focus is to understand Coenzyme A metabolism in health and disease. Coenzyme A is a central metabolic cofactor, known for over 60 years. Recently the awareness is increasing that Coenzyme A, in addition to its essential role in metabolism also plays a role in signal transduction, ageing, epigenetics and neurodegeneration. The current view is that cells obtain their Coenzyme A via a de novo biosynthesis pathway starting with the uptake of vitamin B5. Recently the Sibon group showed that cells and organisms also can take up Coenzyme A from external sources. The mechanism behind this newly discovered manner of obtaining Coenzyme A is being under investigation. The presence of this alternative route of intracellular Coenzyme A is of high importance for subjects suffering from inborn genetic errors of impaired Coenzyme A de novo biosynthesis, resulting in severe neurodegenerative diseases. Findings obtained in model organisms are being explored how to use external supplies of Coenzyme A to develop therapies for these diseases.

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