Postdoctoral researcher position at Autophagy/Electron-Microscopy group

The Autophagy/Electron-Microscopy group at the Department of Cell Biology at University Medical Center of Groningen (The Netherlands) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher interested in studying the autophagosome biogenesis at the ultrastructural level in yeast S. cerevisiae. This project will also need the adaptation of few electron microscopy methods for the analysis of this model system. Desirable skills include electron microscopy background in cryofixation (HPF, AFS), sample preparation and embedding, (cryo)-sectioning, and/or transmission/scanning electron microscopy. Training in yeast genetic and biochemistry and on fluorescence microscopy are welcome but not necessary. We offer a supportive, collaborative and creative environment.

Enquiries as well as applications must be submitted electronically to dr. Muriel C. Mari:

Applicants have to send

  • cover letter
  • curriculum vitae (including a complete publication list)
  • address of at least 3 references.

To ensure full consideration, applications and supporting materials should be received by February 15, 2018.





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