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14 July 2016
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  1. Iuso A, …., Sibon OCM & Anikster Y (2018). Mutations in PPCS, Encoding Phosphopantothenoylcysteine Synthetase, Cause Autosomal-Recessive Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Am J Hum Genet 2018 Jun; 102 (6): 1018-1030. (pdf)
  1. Ody CM Sibon & Erick Strauss.  Coenzyme A: make  it or (re) uptake it. Nature Reviews in Mol Cell Biol 2016 Oct;17(10):605-6  (pdf).
  1. Srinivasan B,   Baratashvili M, Hayflick S, Colombelli C, Van der Zwaag M, Kanon B, Schaap O, Nollen EAA, Tiranti V, Podgoršek A, Kosec G, Petković H, Reijngoud DJ, Grzeschik NA, Sibon OCM. Extracellular 4’-Phosphopantetheine is a stable and novel substrate for intracellular Coenzyme A synthesis. Nature Chem Biol 2015 Oct;11(10):784-792. (pdf) 
  1. Brunetti D, Dusi S, Giordano C, Lamperti C, Morbin M, Marchet S, Fagiolari G, Sibon OCM, Moggio M, d’Amati G, and Tiranti V. Pantethine treatment is effective in recovering the disease phenotype induced by ketogenic diet in a Pank2 knock-out mouse model. Brain  (2014) Jan: 137 (Pt 1): 57-68. (pdf) 
  1. Den Hoed M,….Sibon OCM*, et al. Identification of heart rate-associated loci and their effects on cardiac conduction and rhythm disorders.  Nature Genetics 2013 Jun;45(6):621-31. *All included functional Drosophila melanogaster experiments of this GWAS study were chaired by Sibon OCM. (pdf)
  1. Rana A, Seinen E, Siudeja K, Muntendam R, Srinivasan B, van der Want J, Hayflick S, Reijngoud D, Kayser O, Sibon OCM. Pantethine rescues a Drosophila model for Pantothenate Kinase-Associated    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 107:6988-93. (pdf)
  1. Bosveld F, Rana A, van der Wouden P, Lemstra W, Ritsema M, Kampinga HH, Sibon OCM. De novo CoA biosynthesis is required to maintain DNA integrity during development of the Drosophila nervous system. Hum Mol Gen 2008 17:2058-69. (pdf)
  1. Hut HMJ, Lemstra W, Blaauw EH, van Cappellen GWA, Kampinga HH, Sibon OCM. Centrosomes split in the presence of impaired DNA integrity during mitosis. Mol Biol Cell. 2003 14:1993-2004. (pdf)
  1. Sibon OCM, Kelkar A, Lemstra W, Theurkauf WE. DNA-replication/DNA-damage-dependent centrosome inactivation in Drosophila embryos. Nat Cell Biol. 2000 2:90-5. (pdf)
  1. Sibon OCM, Laurencon A, Hawley R, Theurkauf WE. The Drosophila ATM homologue Mei-41 has an essential checkpoint function at the midblastula transition. Curr Biol. 1999 9:302-12. (pdf)
  2. Sibon OCM, Stevenson VA, Theurkauf WE. DNA-replication checkpoint control at the Drosophila midblastula  Nature  1997 Jul; 388:93-7. (pdf)
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